Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thursday 6th March

 “St Francis Rejecting the World
 and Embracing Christ”.
Psalm 1

3: For reasons that they should have loved me, they have dragged me down, but I kept on praying.
4: O my Holy Father, King of Heaven and Earth, do not let your help be far from me, for trouble is very near to me, and there is no one to help me.

In the face of betrayal and abandonment by those the psalmist trusted, the faith is not lost nor left.  In words rich in regal imagery, which to our eyes may seem out-dated, the appeal is made to God.  Seeking the comfort and assurance they know comes from the almighty.
In our lives we have had times like this.  When all seems lost through betrayal.  What did you do then, turn towards, or away from God?

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